Framegames by Thiagi


Framegames by Thiagi


This is a collection of six different framegame booklets: Classify, Envelopes, GBG, Group Grope, Matrix Games, Take Five.


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  • Classify Organizing Information into Meaningful Categories. A flexible framegame that helps players master a classification scheme and explore concepts, principles, solutions, and steps.

  • Envelopes: Analysis, Problem Solving, and Evaluation. A few envelopes and index cards enable your participants to improve their analysis, problem-solving, and evaluation skills.

  • GBG: A Generic Board Game for Multipurpose Training.

  • Group Grope: A Framegame for Interaction and Involvement. Contains several sample games and a frame for rapidly creating your own games to explore controversial areas and to encourage employee involvement.

  • Matrix Games: Exploring Interrelationships Among Ideas. Use generic game sheets that you can customize to help your participants to integrate concepts, steps, issues, and functions.

  • Take Five: A Participatory Strategy for Better Brainstorming. Presents a participatory approach to brainstorming. Especially suited for team facilitators or anyone else whose training results depend on participant involvement.