Design Your Own Games and Activities


Design Your Own Games and Activities


This 400+ page book by Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer is a collection of Thiagi's most popular books: Interactive Experiential Training, Interactive strategies for Improving Performance, and More Interactive Strategies for Improving Performance.

If you are a performance consultant, instructional designer, facilitator, or trainer, you will repeatedly use the 30 powerful practical tools in this collection of Thiagi's techniques.


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All the 30 interactive strategies in this book share hands-on, minds-on, and hearts-in people-to-people interaction. These tools add effectiveness and enjoyment to different performance-improvement interventions including training, teambuilding, knowledge management, and process improvement.

Each interactive strategy is clearly described in a structured-text format and illustrated with several examples. A complete, ready-to-use activity (with reproducible masters) follows the exploration of each tool. With the information and examples given, you can conduct, adapt, and design different types of games and activities. A CD-ROM that comes with the book contains the activities as Microsoft Word documents. You can save the documents to your computer, make suitable modifications, and print them out.

The 30 interactive strategies in this book are organized into two sections: framegames (templates that permit rapid design) and simulation games (activities that reflect models of the real world).

Here's the list of framegames: structured sharing, creativity techniques, interactive lectures, textra games, item processing, video vitamins, debriefing games, card games, board games, matrix games, paper-and-pencil games, instructional puzzles, audio games, telephone games, game shows, email games, improve games, openers, and closers.

Here's the list of simulation games: action learning, reflective teamwork activities, the case method, production simulations, training devices, metaphorical simulation games, interactive storytelling, role playing, cash games, PC simulations, and jolts.

Design Your Own Games and Activities contains a glossary of interactive strategies, different indexes, and lists of books and websites.