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Creating a Motivating Environment

How to create a workplace where employees more productive and more involved.

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Overview of the program

Organizations around the world constantly talk about increasing morale and motivating workers to perform. They spend millions of dollars each year trying to find the best balance of fun, competitive events, rewards, and feedback as ways of increasing motivation in their work environments. Managers struggle with unhappy employees and disgruntled workers. They even devise new ways of motivating employees that are already “motivated.” Unfortunately, none of these attempts tend to work and they only make matters worse. These techniques focus on extrinsic motivation, which tend to work in the short term, but not the long term. This class takes a different approach. We use the principles of Intrinsic Motivation to provide participants with strategies and tactics for creating environments where employees will be able to find their own motivators, commit long-term working relationships, and become overall more satisfied on a day-to-day basis.

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On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate in role-play scenarios, case studies, and in simulated managerial situations how to

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How to design a motivational intervention


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Matt's expertise with creating a motivating environment

After graduating from college, Matt taught martial arts at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. His students ranged from vocalists to percussionists, from pianists to double bass players, etc. Given youth, eternal optimism, and the military-like frame of reference from his own martial arts training, Matt yelled, controlled, extorted, and threatened his students toward greatness. Unfortunately, he had no students... Through trial and error he discovered that his students had to choose to learn rather than be forced. He learned that, in order to have any level of motivation for martial arts, they had to believe they were competent at what they were doing. And he learned to engage them and build a community, valuing their expertise and personalities. The program finally flourished.

Matt has had the opportunity to study as a graduate student with two of the greatest psychologists doing motivation research: Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. He has published several articles applying Deci and Ryan's research to the work environment and has taught workshops on the subject nationally. As a consultant, Matt has worked with countless Fortune 500 companies to improve their work productivity using intrinsic motivation interventions.