It's April Fools

Lying can be good for learning.  This is not fake news.  White lies, fibs, pretending, and deception are ways to teach concepts and practice skills.  In this issue of the Firefly News Flash, you can review nine ways to make role plays more effective.  And you’ll find a fun activity to spark conversation about what it takes to build trust in a team.

Power Tip:  Create a check list for observers to sharpen their ability to identify the desired behaviors in a role play.

In this Issue – 

  1. 99-Word Story:  No, Gracias – Lying to Prevent Over Consumption
  2. Discoveries:  Role Play – Principles to Increase Effectiveness
  3. Ideas:  Deception – Lying and Learning
  4. Activity:  Three Truths and a Fib – What’s Good about Lying