A Brief Exploration of Creativity Techniques

A Brief Explanation

Creativity Techniques provide activities that enables the participants to solve a problem or utilize an opportunity. These activities are useful not only for learning new skills and knowledge but also for improving the performance of a team.

A Brief Sample

Here’s a sample creativity activity called Double Reversal for use in a train-the-trainer session. Begin by telling the participants that you will conduct a bizarre brainstorming activity. Ask the participants to brainstorm how to achieve the negative goal of conducting a boring and useless training session. Record the participants’ ideas (example: Use several text slides and read what is projected on the screen) on a large piece of paper in the middle of the table. Take one of these negative ideas and ask the participants to help flip it 180 degrees to make it a positive idea for conducting an interesting and useful training session. Use the same procedure to flip several other negative ideas, ending up with a positive checklist.