Why We Don't Ask Questions

The Problem with Critical Thinking

It seems obvious that critical thinking should be the norm in every organization. Yet there are plenty of instances every day when a measured approach to problem solving and decision making could be used.  Learn some of the reasons we don’t always use critical thinking, become more aware of a common logical fallacy, and demonstrate the hard-wired barriers that block a more thoughtful approach to making an argument.  Read the details in this issue of the Firefly News Flash beginning with a 99-Word Story about what happens when you stop thinking.

Power Tip:  Become aware of common logical fallacies and you’ll know when to ask probing questions.

Read this issue of the Firefly NewsFlash:

In this Issue – 

99-Word Story:  Engagement – What happens when you stop thinking
Discovery:  Why We Don’t Ask Questions – The problem with critical thinking
Ideas:  Is It True? – The fallacy of the day
Activity:  Frame Your Thoughts – Demonstrate the difficulty of critical thinking