Thiagi's Workshops in Europe

Brussels, Belgium

November 7 to November 11, 2017

(In French, in cooperation with  mieux-apprendre)

Atelier n°1: Stratégies interactives de formations: les outils fondamentaux . le 7 novembre 2017. Pour plus d’informations

Atelier n°2: Stratégies interactives de formation et l’ensignement. le 8, 9, et 10 novembre 2017. Pour plus d’informations

La master class Thiagi : perfectionnement des acquis. le 11 novembre 2017. Pour plus d’informations

Wiemar, Germany

June 6 to June 8, 2018.

(In English. Organized and co-facilitated by Dr. Alexander Schiller. In cooperation with Schiller & Mertens.)

Interactive Training and Teaching Strategies: 3-day workshop for trainers, teachers, professors, instructional designers, facilitators, and performance consultants.

Weimar, Germany (Grand Hotel Russischer Hof)

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