Training Games and Activities

If you are confused by the apparently crazy numbers in front of the following two items, it is because we have been listing two reasons for using training games in each of the past 17 issues of the GameLetter. If you are curious, you can review the back issues.

35. Making use of learning resources. For any given topic, there are thousands of suitable resources available in the form of books, manuals, checklists, diagrams, podcasts, videos, and the Internet. The trainer does not have to design content that is already available. Instead, he or she can design training games and activities to encourage the players to interact with different content resources and learn from them.

36. Meta-analysis reveals the effectiveness of training games. A meta-analysis reviews the results of several controlled experimental studies and comes up with proven generalizations. In this type of analysis involving hundreds of original studies, game-based training has consistently produced more effective learning and increased motivation compared to traditional training methods.