This Month’s Special Sale: Interactive Storytelling

Ever since I embarked on my career as a teacher and a trainer, I have been using storytelling as one of my favorite tools. I enjoy telling stories and my participants enjoy listening to them.

A few years ago, I started having second thoughts about storytelling. I became unhappy about the way this technique hypnotized my listeners into a passive state of mind. It went against my belief in interactive learning and critical thinking. I decided to do something about my hypocrisy. I started designing and using interactive storytelling approaches.

Unlike the traditional approach, interactive storytelling encourages the participants to interact with the stories and with each other. The participants actively listen to the stories and then modify the stories, change the beginning or the ending, change the characters or the setting, expand or shrink the stories, make decisions at critical junctures, analyze the stories, and act them out. In some of these designs, the participants create their own stories and share them with each other. The result: More engagement during the training session and more learning after the session.

I have recently published an expanded version of interactive storytelling approaches. This book contains 30 ready-to-use story-based activities that can be used to meet your training objectives, needs, and constraints. This book also includes a bonus chapter with brief descriptions of 30 more designs.

Interactive Storytelling (Revised and Expanded) will sell for $30 in our online store. During the month of July, you can purchase this book at the discounted price of $20 (plus shipping).

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