The NASAGA conference features outstanding thought leaders in our field to conduct a keynote session with all the participants at the beginning of each day. Here are two of the three keynotes:

  • Bernie De Koven will be a featured keynoter. You will experience his elfish sense of humor in the keynote session on playfulness. You will play games in this session (without using any devices) for the sheer fun of it. Later, you will have a serious discussion on how to apply playfulness to the design and facilitation of the learning experience.  Check out Bernie's Deep Fun website.
  • Imagine a conference session in which the speakers make an interesting presentation in 99 seconds and the facilitators conduct an experiential activity is 99 seconds. You don’t have to imagine any more. In a special keynote session, you will experience this technique in real time: This keynote features more than a dozen samples of self-contained presentations and interactive exercises that last for less than 99 seconds and provide you with valuable tools and techniques. At the end of the session, you will be ready to use the 99-seconds technique in your own training sessions.

  • We are keeping the third keynote under wraps at this time. Check out the NASAGA website for additional information. You will be delighted with the third keynote.


Before the Conference. A full-day hands-on workshop will be held on the day before the NASAGA Conference (Wednesday, October 26, 2016). By attending this workshop, you will learn valuable tools and techniques related to the design and delivery of structured sharing activities, interactive lectures, textra games, and jolts. You will also receive a Certificate of Attendance that can upgraded to a Certificate of Completion and to a Certificate of Achievement by undertaking specific follow-up tasks.

After the Conference. We are currently planning to offer a workshop during Saturday (October 29) afternoon on card games for training. A panel of experienced game designers will help you master these objectives during the half-day workshop:

  1. From a set of more than 20 card game formats, select one or more appropriate types that suit your training objectives and participant characteristics.
  2. Create a deck of cards that display suitable content.
  3. Design different games to engage your participants and help them achieve your training goals.

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