New 4Door™ eLearning Workshop Offer: Interviewing Skills


Using our 4D™ eLearning methodology, we have created a completely asynchronous learning experience. Participants will work at their own pace to develop better and more effective interviewing skills. At the end of each module, participants complete a set of deliverables and send them to the instructor. He will respond with suggestions and feedback. And, as a final test of their proficiency, they will meet via SKYPE, FACETIME, ZOOM, or other virtual meeting tool to role play and receive feedback on a real-life interviewing scenario.

This highly interactive interviewing skills e-workshop will provide you practical experiences as you develop and hone your interviewing prowess. By the end of the program, you will:

  • Relate the business rationale for interviewing well
  • Properly prepare for an interview by developing a good job profile, creating effective assessments and questions for candidates, and setting up the interview location for a conducive conversation
  • Avoid the improper and illegal questions and statements that could undermine your interview
  • Mitigate the effect bias has on the hiring process
  • Practice conducting interviews
  • Evaluate candidates' fit and competence for a specific role



  • $399… but register now and pay only $350


  • Exclusive access to job aids, reference materials, podcasts, videos, and more related to the interviewing process
  • Access to an instructor coach who will provide you real-time feedback after each module and upon request
  • A Certificate of Completion from The Thiagi Group


The course will officially open on January 10, 2017. You can start anytime after that and you have up to two months to complete the program. After completion you have life-time access to the site and its materials (our lifetime, though 😉).


Module I: The Business Case for Interviewing

  • Determine the value of preparing and interviewing well
  • Distinguish between the behavioral-based interview and the competency-based interview
  • Identify factors that will undermine a good interview
  • Recognize how and where interviewing fits into the grander hiring process
  • Familiarize yourself with the interview process

Module II: Prepare for the Interview

  • Develop a job profile for your position
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics needed for a position
  • Prepare questions and assessments for the interview
  • Identify legal do’s, don’ts, and “good to avoid” issues when interviewing
  • Review tips for additional set-up and logistics

Module III: Conduct the Interview

  • Identify different types of interviews
  • Practice using the interview process
  • Take notes the proper and effective way
  • Evaluate candidate responses
  • Clarify, confirm, and probe candidate responses more effectively

Module IV: The Effect of Bias

  • Determine what bias is and how it affects interviewing and the overall hiring process
  • Identify tips and techniques for mitigating bias
  • Experience your own biases

Module V: Follow-Up

  • Identify the follow-up steps after an interview
  • Determine which candidate to hire (if any)
  • Merge your own evaluation with other interviewers on the team

Module VI: Final Practice

  • Review 52 tips for better interviewing
  • Complete an interview from Preparation through Follow-Up and receive feedback from the instructor as a final performance test
  • Identify questions and receive answers for any interviewing-related topics still unclear or unknown

This Program Is Designed by Thiagi and Matthew (and Matthew Facilitates It)

Matthew (President of The Thiagi Group) was trained by Thiagi 20 years ago and has been designing and working with him ever since. He is an international authority on interviewing, management, leadership, and performance management. He has produced award-winning training materials for various corporations and nonprofit organizations around the world. He specializes in interactive techniques for training, has designed hundreds of training activities, keynoted at several training conferences, and conducted training workshops around the world.


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