A New Book from Thiagi

Interactive Lecture Is not an Oxymoron
20 Powerful Interactive Lecture Templates

Thiagi has blended the effective elements of the lecture method (efficiency, control, and accuracy) and the motivational aspects of games (playfulness, activity, and competition) to create interactive lectures. This training format facilitates two-way communication. Interactive lectures incorporate engaging game elements, yet they give complete control to the instructor. Because they are flexible, you can easily shift from a regular lecture to the interactive variety. If you are a subject-matter expert, you can easily transform your traditional lecture into a lecture game.

Thiagi’s new book contains 20 ready-to-use interactive lectures representing a variety of effective types. Here are brief descriptions of five of the formats explored in this book:

Closed and Open. Begin by delivering a lecture on the training topic. Ask each participant to write a closed question, pair up with a partner, and answer each other’s questions. Then ask each participant to write an open question, team up with two others, and try to give a better answer than the other participant.

Collective Feedback. Deliver your lecture. Ask the participants to interview each other to collect responses to four feedback questions. Provide suitable explanations based on the collective feedback.

The Fifth Sentence. After making your presentation, ask each team to write down five sentences to summarize the key points. Later, ask one team to read four of its sentences and invite the other teams to guess which sentence was left out. Correct guesses earn a point for the team.

PDQ Lecture. Make a condensed presentation on the training topic. Clarify the content by responding to questions from the participants. Repeat the question-and- answer sessions as many times as needed.

Puzzling Summaries. Deliver your lecture. Ask teams of participants to write summary sentences related to the key points of the lecture. Convert these sentences into cryptogram puzzles and ask the teams to decode them.

Interactive Lecture Is not an Oxymoron presents step-by-step instructions for conducting these five activities along with 15 more. The activities are templates that can be reused to designs hundreds of your own interactive lectures to present your content to your learners.

Thiagi’s 137-page book is ready for shipment. The regular price of this book is $30 (plus shipping). As a reader of Thiagi GameBlog, you can purchase it at a discounted price of $20 (plus shipping). This special offer is valid only during the month of January 2017. So order now!