Social Capital – The Currency of Community

Social media provide many ways to meet and interact with people of like mind.  But how adept are you when mingling face to face?  Can you easily make lasting friendships for yourself and meaningful connections between different people?  Learn more in this issue of the Firefly News Flash.  Then plan to join me at the NASAGA conference in Bloomington, IN to play The Cocktail Party where you’ll learn more about building Social Capital!

Power Tip:  To transform a group into a team, use commonalities to build trust.

Read the October 2016 issue.

In this Issue -

99-Word Story:  Friending – The downside of a tight family

Discovery:  UBUNTU – Cards for connecting

Ideas:  A Common Thread – Giving people a reason to trust each other

Activity:  Pairs-Quads-Eights – Find connections quickly