Insight: Seeing What Others Don't

by Brian Remer

How do we gain insights?  Though it may seem like luck, it’s not as mysterious as you may think.  Yes, some insights happen in a flash but others are the result of slower detective work when we follow something that looks inconsistent.  In the August issue of the Firefly News Flash, read a review of Gary Klein’s book, Seeing What Others Don't, and learn tips to turn everyday happenings into valuable insights.

Power Tip:  Increase your chances of gaining an insight by following a contradiction, noticing a connection, or using creative desperation when you feel trapped.

Here's what the August issue of Firefly News Flash contains:

99-Word Story:  Change Recipe – insights can result from seemingly meaningless activity

Discovery:  Seeing What Others Don’t – a review of the book by Gary Klein

Ideas:  Spark Your Insights – the foundation of what The Firefly Group does

Activity:  Insights from Your GURU – a model for gaining insight from any situation

Read the August 2015 issue.