Introducing Thiagi's Online Learning Academy

Welcome to TOLA!

We have started an online learning academy called TOLA. TOLA contains a catalog of courses on a myriad of different topics created and delivered by many of our friends who are experts in their respective fields. Each program will be independent of the others and contain four webinars delivered weekly along with an associated eLearning program built on our proprietary 4Door™ eLearning Approach. But don't worry. If you sign up for a course and miss any of the webinars, each session will be recorded and posted on the eLearning site. During the run of a program, participants will have access to the instructor. After the live run, participants will have perpetual access to the eLearning materials. And, the best part is new participants can sign up and take the course asynchronously after the webinar series is complete (with access to the webinar videos).

Ultimately, we plan to have dozens of course offerings from experts from all around the world. But, initially, we will start with five. They will launch in Mid-September/October/November. We will add more each month after that. Details for each of our initial course offerings are below and registration is now open. Please email Matt Richter with any questions at

Below is the full schedule of TOLA Programs.