Yes, But ...: Training Activities

I am getting tired of being pressured to take on a “yes, and …” stand all the time.

I encourage my colleagues to fight back against my inane suggestions and point out what is wrong with them. I invite a “yes, but…” approach to help everyone think critically and to come up with pragmatic improvements.

Whenever I get on my soapbox, here’s a suggestion that I keep propagating:

Use an activity based approach in all your training sessions.

Please type your “yes, but” comments below to prevent me from getting carried away with my obsession. Point out how this suggestion may backfire when overused, abused, and misused. Point out potential negative consequences even when this suggestion is used appropriately.

Also, comment on other people’s comments to drive home important points.

Revisit this page periodically to read what the others are saying about what I said and what you said.