DECIDE: An Enterprise Simulation Goes Virtual

by Matthew Richter

Twenty years ago this month, I met Tom Pray. Tom was the Director of the Executive MBA program at Rochester Institute of Technology. He was also the guy who created the coolest business game (really a comprehensive business simulation) my very young eyes had ever seen. After experiencing the Game, I was shocked at how much I just wanted to play again and again. I was even more shocked at how much my business acumen grew as a result of the simulation.

Over the years, we partnered to run DECIDE programs for clients all over the world. Tom continuously upgraded the simulation, adding new and current dimensions to the game as both technology and business practices evolved. He converted the simulation to a web platform and last year, we decided to go virtual with the whole program. Now teams can play the game from all corners of the world, competing and learning. 

We built the virtual program using The Thiagi Group's proprietary 4-Door™ eLearning approach. Every module has a Library, Playground, Cafe, and Assessment Center. The program is still facilitated in that Tom and I provide just-in-time feedback and support as the teams play the game. Teams also input their game decisions twice a week over one month, so that while the program is intense, it is spread out to provide players enough time to prepare, learn, engage, and reflect without missing too much of their real lives. 

The same learning outcomes are there. Participants still learn how to make cross-functional decisions. They still decipher financials. They still develop greater depths of strategic thinking... but instead of all together in a classroom, now they do it all together from their offices and homes.

Take a look at a flyer with more details about the program. Contact me ( if you have any questions or interest.

Thanks for looking.