Will's Video on Learning Objectives

Will Thalheimer is the Debunker-in-Chief in the training industry. To mix metaphors, he has debunked several sacred cows, including such established concepts as learning styles.

Will conducts his debunking activities not because he is a malicious curmudgeon but because he is a true scientist who was trained by some of the best mentors.

Will has a web page with a video on learning objectives (focusing objectives to be precise). In this video, you will learn interesting things that will surprise and provoke you. You will save hours and hours of time compared to reading the original research papers—and you will avoid paranoid behaviors during your training activities.

While you are on this web page, take the scenario-based quiz about learning objectives and get feedback.

By the way, Will claims that video is the new text. I wonder what data he has to support this claim.