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Training Games: More than 150 ready-to-use training games

Interactive Lectures: 36 different formats for combining structure and control with excitement and participation

Textra Games: 30 different designs for creating dynamic activities from existing documents

Rapid Instructional Design: A collection of articles and job aids for instructional design and evaluation, especially of the faster, cheaper, better variety.

Web Game Shells: Sample games using our web game shells (requires JavaScript and Flash)

Interactive Strategies: A glossary of 66 different approaches for improving performance

OQ: Online activities with open questions

Training Puzzles: Intriguing approaches to instruction

Email Games: A zero-budget approach to e-learning

Tips for Facilitators: How to be flexible and effective

Articles and Handouts: From journals and conferences

Guest Gamers: Interviews with Designers and Facilitators

Short Stories: About growing up in Tamil Nadu

Links: Some of our favorite websites