Coaching for Performance: A Facilitated, Online Experience

Picture this: You are the manager of a product development team for TLA, Inc. You and your team are responsible for launching a new database system in time for E3—the big, big electronics show. You have several team members. Some are ace performers, others… not so much. As you progress through the development process, you have to coach these team members through various situations. You also must deal with difficult peers and a sometimes-overbearing boss.

The Online Course

Welcome to the course. You will meet Vijay, your best engineer and brightest employee—or, so you think. Bob… well, what is there to say about Bob? He has a pretty severe gap when it comes to recognizing his own skills and abilities. A headache in the making. Mary is a terrific team lead, but your boss, Anand (with his own insecurities) is causing havoc by bypassing you and going to her directly. Petra is new, serious, older, and not quite fitting in. Paul is a great person, just out of college. Earnest and talkative… have we mentioned talkative? Petra may just kill him soon. Your job is to interact and coach all these team members. You will also have to manage up and across, providing coaching and feedback to your colleagues and your boss. Can you do it?

How It Works

Coaching for Performance (CFP) is a Thiagi Group online public workshop. It adapts our flexible 4-Door elearning approach. Participants will access a special website that hosts all of the content and allows for interactivity among students, facilitator, and the cast of characters.

Participants will review the overall context of the simulation. They will have access to 3-minute video character profiles. Each profile provides background information about a character and bits of information about the overarching story.


In the Library, participants access job aids, tools, and checklists for preparing, delivering, and following-up a coaching conversation. There are over 20 specific practical tools in the library. All tools are provided as downloadable PDFs and many have additional screencast, video, and podcast support to provide deeper understanding.


In the Mission Control, participants are assigned missions where they are given specific scenarios and asked to provide appropriate responses. For example, Bob has consistently misapplied important code-naming conventions. He is oblivious to this fact. The participant will have to identify a strategy for approaching Bob, and then execute parts of that strategy using video responses.

Video responses are an essential component to the program. Participants receive their mission, watch, and review any pertinent data, and then upload a video response using their phone, tablet, or computer. We provide each participant with a Vimeo account that links their device to the course for one-button uploading.

Participants engage in eight missions, each with unique tasks that provide them with opportunities to practice these principles and procedures:

  • Managing performance problems
  • Delivering feedback
  • Asking questions
  • Setting up the context of a coaching session
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Delivering a difficult message
  • Conducting a difficult conversation


After each participant submits a response to each mission, the Facilitator (Matt Richter, President of the Thiagi Group) provides feedback through video. Each character has been acted by a professional actor and captured on video, thus putting a face to the different team members.

Performance Test

At the end of the eight missions, participants step out of the simulation to complete the final performance test. They go out in the real world and conduct a coaching conversation with a real-life team member. We offer three different formats for this test to accommodate unique situations participants may have.


You can sign up and take the course anytime you want. Participants can engage at their own pace over a one month period. 

Once registered, participants will receive a special Vimeo account and instructions for linking it to their primary video recording device.

The cost is $599.

To register, please click here to visit our online store.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Richter at 415-385-7248 or .

In the meantime, meet Bob...