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What Criteria Did You Use in Making Your Editorial Decisions?

When we asked this question during a debrief, this is what some of the players told us:

Barbara Pirie

My criteria for editing - pretty conscious but from my background and work focus.

My basic criteria was 'is this guideline effective across all/most cultures. Many of the tips - no matter how good - seemed to me to be written from an individual, verbal perspective and would be helpful to individuals that fit that pattern. However, they would not be effective within other cultural patterns. If it was a good tip with this limited application and well written, I gave it the 'average' (C) with the 'not so good ones' below that. Those I rated higher reflected more than one cultural pattern and would be effective in a diverse group.

I looked at each guideline in 2 or 3 realms:

David R. Piltz

The criteria for the activity were simple but subjective:

Cindy Cominski:

The criteria I used were based on

Jerry Kail:

Primary criteria were

Kris DiGiovanni

Main criteria used:

I based my conclusions on the following:

Diane Hofner Saphiere

Beth Tang

Eleanor Reali

Kathleen A. Curran

How did I decide on my ratings? Following is my process:

I kept reminding myself of the purpose of the publication: information for consultants working with intercultural groups. 'Working with' were operational words to me. I did not feel the purpose was just to provide information about intercultural communication. This led me then to rank the contributions in terms of

  1. Immediate usefulness - more action oriented suggestions
  2. Vital conceptual information which I felt was more attitudinal; ideas that one should resonate with when working with IC groups
  3. Background concepts that are more cognitive, foundational, for more understanding

I then intuitively ranked the items in terms of quality, in a way.

What criteria did I use?

In summary, my criteria were basically subjective!

Michele Ehlers

Frank McDonnell

Gregory Webb

In determining my editorial ratings,

Doug Smith

I didn't have a formalized set of criteria from start to finish, but I believe the following to be my guidelines:

Susan Robinson

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