Certified Facilitators

Here is a list of facilitators from around the world who have attended Thiagi's workshops and have been trained to use Thiagi's approaches to the design and facilitation of training games and learning activities. These facilitators have also demonstrated their competency in the field of interactive training strategies.


David King is the founder of Vue Consulting, an Australian-based training consultancy focused on helping professionals and executives become more commercially successful. David spent the first 15 years of his career in Investment and Private Banking, working in Sydney, Tokyo, New York, and London before returning to Australia with his family in 2005. David combined his experience in Professional Services, his passion for coaching, and his background in music, comedy, and drama to form Vue Consulting in 2007. David and his team now provide interactive, practical, and experiential training experiences for Professional Services firms across Australia. David can be contacted via www.vueconsulting.com.au .


Nathalie Jacquemin has worked for over 22 years with students in journalism at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She now focuses on training adults on various topics such as emotional and relational intelligence, team management, negotiation, time management, conflict management, and participative management. As collaborator of the Mieux-apprendre for Bruno Hourst in Belgium, she also trains teachers in multiple intelligences, self-esteem, and Thiagi framegames. Nathalie can be reached trough nathaliejacquemin1@gmail.com



Gauthier de Pierpont has been an actor, improviser, and scriptwriter in Business Theatre for more than 15 years. This experience has enabled him to understand all types of business (from banking to steel production, from palliative care to crane manufacturing, from small businesses to multinational corporations). For several years now, he has facilitated all types of topics. The rule, “the less the trainer knows, the more participants learn,” allows him to cover a huge range of subjects. He is passionate about human relations and positive psychology. He gives seminars where in-depth work, lightness, humor, and self-knowledge play a prominent part. He presents seminars in French, English, and Spanish. He works with his Belgian colleagues to deliver training all around Europe. You can reach Gauthier at www.whats-up.be and gauthier@whats-up.be .

Xavier Van Dieren is passionate about all the processes of fun learning. He has used his talents as a pedagogue and facilitator in the training of trainers (with Thiagi games) for over 15 years now. He founded two companies active in the field of training using tools such as Business Theatre ( ahermes.com) and e-Learning (NOW-elearning.fr ). He also co-founded the Campus des Formateurs (campus-formateurs.com ), a network of trainers specialized in the field of innovative training processes. Each year he leads the “Forum des Pédagogies Ludiques” in France and Belgium. Contact Xavier at info@campus-formateurs.com .


Laurie Flasko is an accomplished executive team trainer, coach, and consultant with over 20 years experience in the fields of leadership, team building, customer service, and hospitality. Laurie's knowledge and expertise allow her to create and deliver an unparalleled experience that is tailored and customized to fit your team's specific needs. In addition to interactive and experiential learning, Laurie integrates both meaningful games and a constructive, fun atmosphere to deliver lasting results. With certifications in Human Resources management, Life Coaching, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, True Colours and Personality Dimensions, Laurie is able to employ a wide range of tools to bring your team to the next level. Laurie is also a certified facilitator with the Thiagi group and is excited about working with your team! Laurie can be contacted through www.laurieflasko.com .

Sandra Summerhayes is the founder of Sandra Summerhayes & Associates Professional Training Group. Her commitment to personal and professional development, while meeting the needs of specialized interest groups, has been the cornerstone of a 20 year career in Training & Development. Couple this determination with a warm intuitive sensibility and you have a powerful force for initiating change in your business or organization. She has also worked with organizational supervisors and managers to develop individual learning plans for strengthening their leadership abilities. She aims to meet their specialized needs by engaging them in strategic planning sessions and by coaching management to identify training gaps among themselves and their staff. Whatever the requirements, each organization gets a tailor made solution, one that works solely for them and is delivered in an innovative, fun and professional manner. You may reach Sandra at www.sandrasummerhayes.com .


Mark Ma (Yan Ma) has 20 years of experience in the fields of training, human performance management, and project management. Working for DDI and ESI in recent years, he has conducted a lot of training sessions for manager-level and executive-level development. He has provided training services for a variety of clients including ABB, AECOM, Alcatel-Lucent, Bayer, BMW, Danone, Dow Chemical, EBay, Fuji Xerox, Mitsubishi, Mars, Philips, Qualcomm, and Whirlpool. Mark views his Thiagi certification as a milestone that indicates his commitment to experiential, activity-based facilitation. He recently co-facilitated workshops with Thiagi in China. You may reach Mark at markmayan@gmail.com.



Warwick John Fahy is a thought leader on executive communication in China, and facilitates learning for executive teams based in the Greater China Region. He is a Mandarin speaker and has been working with multinational clients in Asia since 1994. Outside business, he trains for triathlons and is an avid fan of stand up comedy. Warwick is a life-long-learner specialising in the art and practice of executive public speaking, and is the published author of The One Minute Presenter: an 8 step guide to delivering successful business presentations in a world of short attention spans. Warwick coaches Asia's leading senior executives who need to influence their clients, investors, and board members. In particular, Warwick helps CFOs working in multinationals who need to better express their messages to key stakeholders and so expand their influence and enhance their credibility. Warwick is a great believer in learning through laughter and facilitates executive retreats for senior management teams based in Greater China. Warwick can be reached at www.warwickjohnfahy.com .



Dimis Michaelides is a business consultant, keynote speaker, author, and magician. He works with organizations on creative leadership and innovation, strategy and marketing, change and transformation. His book The Art of Innovation: Integrating Creativity in Organizations was hailed as “a bible for 21st century CEOs”. His workshop on the subject is delivered by certified leaders around the world. Dimis is also a lecturer at the Cyprus International Institute of Management and a Board Member of the Creative Education Foundation and a number of private companies. He loves magic and music, his wife and son, mother and brother, art and history, cinema and theater, Penn and Teller, and his dog, Goya. Dimis can be reached through www.theartofinnovation.net , www.dimis.org , and www.performa.net .



Mohamed M. Bahgat is the founder of SeGa (Simulation and Education Gaming Activities) Team. This Team is a social entrepreneurship that promotes learning and coaching through active learning and gamification. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East with a mission of developing human developers in the areas of active learning and performance coaching. Bahgat had made a career shift from IT management to business training consulting and coaching. He has devoted himself to this field for more than 15 years. He holds certification from Huthwaite UK, John Maxwell training, Mind Gym UK, Wilson learning US, North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA), Sentia Gamification for Talent Development, and SimDustry (Germany). Bahgat has been selected by the Association of Talent Development (ATD) as one of the six people outside the USA to facilitate their programs. He is the only person currently facilitating ATD corporate coaching certificate in the Middle East. Mohamed Bahgat can be reached directly through mbahgat@segateam.com and via Face Book at www.facebook.com/2mbahgat.


bruno photo.JPG

Bruno Hourst used to be an engineer, sailor, helicopter pilot, and math teacher. He published his first book in French with Thiagi, Modèles de jeux de formation, followed recently by Jeux à thème de Thiagi. He makes Thiagi jealous because the French books outsell his own US publications – nearly 12,000 copies sold. Bruno specializes in Accelerative Learning (AL) Techniques – what he calls in French “mieux-apprendre” (better-learning). He is the author of a dozen books about AL, Multiple Intelligences, Thiagi’s games and other efficient pedagogical tools for trainers, teachers, and parents. Bruno's organization is an International Affiliate of The Thiagi Group. Bruno can be reached through bruno.hourst@mieux-apprendre.com or mieux-apprendre.com .



Burkhard Bratke started his career as an aerospace engineer in the space industry in 1988. He held positions as a development engineer, an operations engineer and a project manager. He broadened his education by continuing studies in International Business Management and International Economics in 1996/97. Back in the space industry in 1998, he initiated and organized projects for the utilization of the International Space Station (ISS) before he became a trainer in the European Astronaut Training Program. In 2004 Burkhard started his own business. Burkhard's activities focus on customized interactive trainings to develop and improve intercultural competence for international assignments. Burkhard can be reached through bratke@training-mit-struktur.de or www.training-mit-struktur.de .

Dr. Manja Grote has an academic background as a linguist and many years of experience in training and coaching across diverse industry sectors. In the course of her career, Manja had the opportunity to work internationally as a CEO and in Senior Management. Having realized the need for leadership and soft skills training for international corporations, she was inspired to found her own business. As the owner of T.E.X.T. & Company she has been providing language training and personal coaching for her customers for more than ten years, developing her own concepts of improvisation and prop based interactive teaching. Manja can be reached through textandcompany@t-online.de or www.textandcompany.com/ .


Dr. ès sc. habil. Alexander Schiller is a Juniorprofessor for inorganic chemistry at the University of Jena (Germany). His research interest is biomimetic signal transduction with inorganic models (www.schiller-chemistry.de). Currently he holds a Heisenberg fellowship from the German Science Foundation. As inorganic chemistry professor he broadened his portfolio in 2012 with the project „Schiller & Mertens“ (www.scientistsneedmore.de): teaching advanced research skills, such as communication in science, team building and leading competences and didactics and methodology in university teaching. As active researcher and group leader Dr. Schiller knows the challenges of natural scientists and addresses them in an interactive setting with learning simulations also from Thiagi.

Hong Kong

Khyati Kapai is the founder and Principal Trainer of Yzer Solutions Pte Ltd. She has been teaching and training since 2001 in Singapore, Hong Kong and abroad. She specializes in Professional Communication and other soft skills. As a trained Results Coach, she also offers executive coaching. Her Thiagi certification underscores her commitment to experiential, activity-based instruction. For more information, visit www.yzer.com.sg or e-mail info@yzer.com.sg .


Brent Allen Jones has been involved in developing and delivering training for nearly 25 years, first in Hawaii and then later in Japan and other parts of Asia (including Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and most recently in Kyrgyzstan). His day job as Professor at Konan University, Hirao School of Management includes organizing workshops for faculty development committees at both the departmental and school-wide level. Other training endeavors include work with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Teachers Helping Teachers (THT). Themes for recent workshops and seminars include What is Creativity?, Looking for Lev in all the Wrong Places, and Who is Thiagi and what are Framegames? Brent can be contacted through bjones_jp@yahoo.com or www.brentjones.com .


Toshiko Kikkawa, is a professor of social and organizational psychology at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. As a member of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA) and the Japan Association of Simulation and Gaming (JASAG) for more than 25 years, she is interested in and has an experience of facilitating and designing games.  Her expertise in psychology allows her to combine learning experiences with psychological theories and knowledge when facilitating and designing games. Her work covers a wide range of topics, such as disaster-prevention education, environmental education, career development, communication skill training, conflict resolution, and so on. She published several books about gaming in Japanese and her games gain popularity in Japan. As she is a dedicated user of Thiagi’s games in her workshops, she runs a website for introducing Thiagi’s works in Japanese. http://news.fbc.keio.ac.jp/~kikkawathiagi/

The Netherlands

Dees van Oosterhout is an accomplished passionate and dynamic executive team trainer, coach, and consultant with over 15 years experience in the fields of leadership, team building and customer service, in addition to interactive and experiential learning. Dees integrates both meaningful games and a constructive, fun atmosphere to deliver lasting results. She has written three books (in Dutch) Procesregie (2010), Procesinterventies (2012), and Toolkit Procesregie (2013). Dees is a certified facilitator with the Thiagi group and is excited about working with your team! Dees can be contacted through www.vanoosterhoutadviesgroep.nl .






Maria Lourdes Ann “L.A.” Cruz is a passionate and dynamic Human Resources Professional with a multidisciplinary training and experience in multiple facets of management (such as marketing, research, executive coaching and quality management and planning), with specialization in Human Resources Administration, Training and Organizational Development. She has extensive experience in Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Training and Organizational Development. She has designed and conducted HR and training programs around Asia specifically in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. LA is currently the Human Resource of the Philippine Business and Corporate Organizational Development of Del Monte Philippines. Her love and passion for learning encouraged her to continue the advocacy work of her beloved mother by teaching about 100 poor kids every weekend at her home. She was also able to build a library for the kids to encourage love of books and reading. She can be reached at louanncruz@yahoo.com .

Grace “Grechie” E. Oreña has been developing and designing learning strategies and facilitating workshops across the Asia Pacific Region for more than 20 years, having designed over 100 workshops and trained over 16,000 individuals. Part of her mission of effectively applying innovative learning methodologies that produce superior return on investment is based on consistently traveling and training in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. Grechie and her team of facilitators have been successfully applying interactive strategies with loyal clients expressing their delight over the results and enthusiastic participants expressing their appreciation for the engaging and life changing experiences. Grechie may be contacted through grace_orena@may-k.com or www.may-k.com .


Nuno Delicado is a founding partner of Pluris, a negotiation consulting firm. He helps individuals and organizations in the private and public sectors develop negotiation capabilities and ensure long-term results through effective communication and productive relationships. Nuno believes in the power of challenging assumptions, starting with his own. His recent negotiation projects include supporting a global NGO resolving conflict among its members, an international airline negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with its union, and an automotive procurement team moving from a win-lose to a win-win culture. Passionate about the diversity and similarities of human cultures, Nuno has visited over 50 countries, and lived in nine countries in three continents over the past decade. He can be reached at nuno.delicado@plurisvalue.com or www.plurisvalue.com .

Khyati Kapai is the founder and Principal Trainer of Yzer Solutions Pte Ltd. She has been teaching and training since 2001 in Singapore, Hong Kong and abroad. She specializes in Professional Communication and other soft skills. As a trained Results Coach, she also offers executive coaching. Her Thiagi certification underscores her commitment to experiential, activity-based instruction. For more information, visit www.yzer.com.sg or e-mail info@yzer.com.sg .

Avi Z. Liran is a Singapore-based innovator and philosopher of optimism and social-capitalism. He is a co-founder of www.ha-p.com which excels in the application of care and joy as core values to upgrade employees' and customers' devotion. He is a delightfully upbeat humorist, facilitator, and keynote speaker. Avi has had extensive experience in management positions as well as senior economic positions in the government and diplomatic service. Avi has founded, managed and sold an advertising agency. He founded the Honeycomb group, an investment boutique house working with Singapore Telecom. Avi can be reached at avi@ha-p.com .

Paul Stuart is a passionate trainer, facilitator, consultant and executive coach with more than 15 years experience. From his Singapore base he has worked in close to 20 countries in the region and particularly enjoys the challenge and interest in facilitating culturally diverse groups. In view of his extensive and varied managerial experience in multiple sectors, roles and locations he has developed a special expertise in the areas of leadership and performance management, with an emphasis on demonstrating practical tools and approaches which can be applied immediately on return to the workplace. A firm believer in learning by self-discovery Paul views his Thiagi certification as an added dimension in facilitating “Serious learning in a Fun way”. Paul and his team of regional associates can be contacted at pstuart@singnet.com.sg or paul.stuart@mast.com.sg .

South Africa

Nigel Bailey has more than 20 years experience in training programme development and facilitation in Southern Africa and the Middle East. He is a keen advocate of the use of structured training activities and games as he knows first-hand how these techniques really engage people in training, induction and productivity improvement programmes. Nigel is constantly researching and implementing new facilitation and curriculum design methodologies. It is for this reason that Nigel initiated Thiagi and Tracy's visit to South Africa. Nigel is contactable through nigelbailey@gateways.co.za or www.gateways.co.za 

Gareth Kingston has over 10 years of experience in learning solution design and development, visual learning design, and facilitation. He is an avid designer of learning games, focusing on their human-centered nature and their ability to create energy, connections, and meaning for the participants. When Gareth is not designing a learning solution or playing a game he is sitting under a tree trying to design something new. Gareth may be contacted at gareth.kingston23@gmail.com .


Karin Hedén is a passionate facilitator and trainer. She has worked in training for more than 15 years. The majority of her jobs have involved developing managers and groups in the IT and car industry. Karin is the founder of Resultatbolaget ("The result company"), which helps companies to reach their full potential by developing their leaders and employees. She is a creative and curious person who loves to try new games and activities. Karin's work has taken her from Sweden, to Europe, to Southeast Asia and South America. You can reach Karin at www.resultatbolaget.com .


Linda Adams has been pursuing her passion for involving others in learning for over 30 years. Are the participants in your classes like a doorbell: asking no questions but just waiting for the answers? It takes a skilled facilitator to inject life into some groups. As a former educator, Linda has seen the power that interactive strategies can have for keeping learners engaged in a variety of topics. Since she started her own consulting business, that love of games has served her well with a wide variety of clients. In the last few years she has been focused on helping folks with another performance problem: that of underperforming credit. Linda brings her love of games and desire to produce effective learning products to everything she creates. Let her help you bring some life into your training, email Linda at Linda.Adams13@yahoo.com .

Mark Isabella is the owner of Isabella & Associates, a private training and consulting company. He is also the Senior Development Consultant with the West Virginia Division of Personnel, Organization and Human Resource Development office. Mark offers interactive and experiential training on topics that include interpersonal communication, team building, leadership, conflict management, change leadership, and coaching. He also provides consulting, coaching, and facilitation services to his clients. Mark can be reached at isabellaandassociates.com or mark@isabellaandassociates.com .

Elroye Jones is a passionate trainer and instructional designer with over 10 years of experience doing what he loves: training people. His commitment to bringing out the best in people has been the driving force of his professional career. He is the first one in a training classroom, always trying new things and pushing boundaries. Becoming a certified facilitator with the Thiagi Group is a natural expansion of his training games expertise. Blending in the Socratic method of training and Thiagi's interactive games creates an exciting, fun filled, learner centered training environment that delivers outstanding results every time. Elroye may be contacted at ejones6849@yahoo.com .

Kerry King, CPLP, has been in the field of Training and Development since 1994. She has extensive experience in design, delivery, and management of training. Over the course of her career, Kerry has primarily focused on Sales Training and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with various roles in this demanding profession. Kerry's enthusiasm for immersing her participants in the learning experience through relevant games and activities makes her classes highly energizing, engaging, and fun. She can be reached at kking6325@yahoo.com .

Nichole Miller loves to engage her participants. As a Senior Learning Facilitator for Southwest Airlines, she works closely with New Supervisors, Managers, and on an annual conference to develop the Senior Leaders of Southwest Airlines. Nichole works for the University for People, which is a best-in-class training team whose focus is on personal and professional development for employees. In addition to classroom facilitation, Nichole also works with individual teams to create customized learning plans to increase their desired collective outcome. Nichole strives to be a servant leader in all she does by translating broad objectives into specific action plans, knowing her people, and working to build great teams. Nichole can be reached at nichole.miller@wnco.com .

Gary Rush, IAF CPF, President of MGR Consulting, has been facilitating since 1983 and training Facilitators since 1985. Gary is a leader in the field of facilitation. From 2008 through 2010, he chaired the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). He has written numerous “how to” books sharing his processes. The FoCuSeD Facilitator Academy is the most complete, comprehensive, and effective facilitation class covering Holistic Facilitation. His technique is used around the world. Gary teaches effective Facilitation Skills to those who want to become collaborative leaders. Gary shares what he learns enhancing the lives of others. You may reach Gary at grush@mgrconsulting.com .

Tracy Tagliati, CPLP, knows how to engage the learner. As an associate at the Thiagi Group and the training manager at Move, she specializes in designing and delivering training that is both interactive and participant-centered. Thiagi and Tracy enjoy co-presenting at conferences, co-designing public webinars, and co-authoring books. Tracy has her master's degree in training and performance improvement. She may be contacted at tracy@thiagi.com .