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ATD Techknowledge 2016 in Las Vegas

Matt is conducting a session called Integrating Measurement Into Your Mobile Designs Seamlessly. 

Session Description

Too often we avoid measuring program efficacy because it feels too cumbersome or may provide information we really don't want to know. But measurement is essential to incrementally enhancing your program over time. It is also essential to evaluate how well participants apply the lessons learned back on the job. And, finally, in today's budget conscious environments, it is often mandatory that we tie our programs to some business outcome. In this session, we will identify ways to integrate the measurement process directly into your mobile programs so participants and administrators don't even notice. Good measurement should be a direct result of good instructional design. Good design stipulates that the activities and debriefs contain Level 2 evaluation and that the final performance tests are Level 3 and beyond. You'll learn how to do that.