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Interactive Experiential Training Strategies


Since 1960, I have been seriously playing with experiential approaches to adult learning. In the process, I have studied and experimented with more than 40 powerful interactive instructional training strategies.

Since March 21, 1999, I have been designing one new interactive instructional activity every day-including weekends and holidays. I have been using this approach as the most effective experiential technique for learning more about interactive training. Fortunately, I have sold some of these activities to my clients, published some others in my books and newsletter, posted a few in my web site, and stored the reminder in my hard drive for future postmortem. Here's the complete menu of strategies that I have explored.

This list is not a taxonomy, but an informal list of overlapping categories. Items marked with a single asterisk(*) are explored in detail in my book, Interactive Experiential Training. Items marked with a double asterisk(**) are explored in detail in the sequel, Interactive Strategies for Improving Performance. Items marked with a triple asterisk (***) are explored in detail in the recent book, More Interactive Strategies for Improving Performance.

List of Interactive Experiential Strategies